Staff (It’s Now 4 People, Really)

Patrick Burns, Writer/Editor/Founder

When he’s not working at the distillery, Patrick enjoys non-sexual role-playing as a 59 year-old pregnant woman.

From Britain.

This is his first rodeo in case that wasn’t completely obvious.








PR Griffis, Writer/Editor

PR Griffis lives in a defunct mill town in Northeastern Connecticut that 60 Minutes once dubbed “Heroin Town USA” with his wife, the writer Mika Taylor.

In addition to writing for the absurdist family humor weblog The Murky Fringe, he takes pictures and is a bicycling enthusiast.

The photo to the right was taken in the town where he grew up in North Central Texas, which town was once dubbed “Meth Town, Texas” by county and state law enforcement personnel.

So things are looking up.







Justin McBride, Writer/Editor

From the potential future feature film "Antennae Man"

 Justin McBride comes to The Murky Fringe from a long familial line of box cutters. His father, Dervis McBride, was the inventor of the push-button safety lever that a man now uses to raise and lower the blade of his box cutter. Of course, Dervis was only improving upon the ingenuity of his own father and grandfather, Dempsey McBride Jr. and Sr., respectively, who brought the box cutter from its roots (a strong man’s thumbnail) to damn near what it is today. Minus the push-button safety lever, of course. That was Dervis, like I said. But that thin blade and the metal casing? The Dempseys.

Justin wishes he was an avid writer of children’s stories and also wishes he was author of a popular comic called Antennae Man, which at this point doesn’t yet exist. When he’s not in The Murky Fringe’s overly cold office, he can often be found taping right angles of cardboard with wide heavy-duty tape, in silent defiance of three generations of McBride men. Well, it’s almost silent; that clear packing tape sure can be loud.



James Best, Writer/Editor


After all those years raisin’ hogs, James is just happy to be here.


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1 Knee-high in Turpentine February 3, 2012 at 8:29 pm

I heard that James Best feller is a racist. Got something against Acadians, Samoans, and Laplanders. How come a fine family publication like y’all to hire somebody like that?

Which is to say, if y’all want some amusing writing done by a true-blue hater of all things non-white, I’m currently looking for work.


Nathan Baumgartner
Inmate # 5400137
Florida Department of Corrections
Pensacola Florida


2 James Best February 8, 2012 at 12:48 pm

Hey Nathan,

Why don’t you come out of your fancy prison and say that to my face? Not all of us can be you, sitting in your concrete tower looking down on all of us working folk. I wish I had a cool yard to pump iron with my boys. I wish the monetary system was based on cigarettes. I wish had my food separated by tray compartments instead of finding a small creek of balsamic invading my mashed potatoes.

And update, I just got my eyes checked. My rods and cones were switched. I was seeing inverse. Turns out it’s actually white people that I hate. Weird, right? You pasty vanilla prison tart. Shut up or I’ll commit something good enough to come in there after you.


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