Notes I Wrote In The Margins Of My Brother’s Draft Grant Application Intended To Fund His Inner-City Kids Mountain-Biking Nonprofit

January 24, 2011

saying from the ‘hood – too strong? or perfect and real?

whose bad grant policies would these google dudes rather see thrown under the bus? prob. bing. good call.

be more subtle here

minorities? prob no. just say marginalized

don’t overstate this

this part is great!

mention latinos here?

mom would love this part! you fucking Democrats LOL

for this—do they have to get their own bikes? I think you need to specify

oh I get it now- this is good

need a bigger closing. quote somebody.

dude I have an idea. what about calling your org “Thugs On Wheels”? just a little catchier maybe? I dunno. otherwise this looks great.


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