THE MURKY FRINGE Does Accept Submissions

What we like:

Pieces created in joy and/or madness

Pieces scribbled on the backs of hands

Pieces fretted over into the wee hours without consideration for an audience.


What we don’t like:

Work that seeks to make a name for itself.

Work produced with the hope it will launch a career, or garner praise and acclaim, which are the spoiled cousins of art.

And, of course, work that is racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. (Narrow-minded writing is boring.)


There are thousands of quality journals available to writers looking to make a name for themselves with the publishing of a short story.

This is not who we are.


Submissions do not have to fit the tone, themes, or interests of The Murky Fringe.

If you’re interested in submitting, send your work to with a note about why you want us to publish it.

Don’t worry, there are no grad students guarding the door, just the occasional smart-ass intern looking for something great.


We consider all submissions carefully.


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