Mr. Cleese

In a recent New York Times article regarding the 40th anniversary of Monty Python, John Cleese is quoted as saying, “As you get older you laugh less because you’ve heard most of the jokes before.”

Perhaps this is true.

Perhaps as there are only so many story arcs-a stranger comes to town, the hero’s journey, a woman loves a mule-there are only so many jokes.

But what are we supposed to do, John Cleese?

Sit around while some kid in Brazil comes up with the next Ministry of Silly Walks?

Suck our thumb while  Siamese twins crack jokes to each other every fucking second of every fucking day, sharpening their timing to perfection?

Accept that The Daily Show and Family Guy and The Office are the only comedy that our culture can handle?

Be intimidated by Arrested Development, by the mighty Tina Fey, by Mr. Show?

No, we keep trying.

We roll up our sleeves and dive our hands into irony, into gallows humor, into cleverness and wit and satire, into the same absurd delights that gave you “The Dead Parrot.”

We persist.

We keep on like Sting in some tantric fuck-a-thon, seeking that singular, joyous orgasm. Metaphorically or not.

Maybe you’ve “heard it all.”

Maybe you’ve “had all you can stand.”

But maybe it’s time for our own sloppy tries, for our own knife-fight with humor.

And maybe you will laugh again, John Cleese, at something new, at some old joke told with a fresh twist you never saw coming. Maybe those Siamese twins will make you laugh your ass off. (Or whatever you call it. Bum? I know it’s not fanny.)


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1 Meg October 17, 2009 at 3:39 pm

Yeah, it’s bum. A woman has got to love someone as stubborn as you. Keep your Big Dipper in the peanut butter. Uh, the irony.


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