An ordinary woman once said, “The truisms we know, give us the murky fringe.” This journal seeks to find and express the strange in-betweens, the unrelated, the nonsensical and the completely irrelevant.

And yet there is method to the madness.

Point is, we at The Murky Fringe would like not only to create it, but to collect it, and to distribute it.

Our own little magnet dragging the sands for the iron filings.

Because we already know that “youth is wasted on the young,” that “time heals all wounds,” and that “sometimes what you’re looking for is right before your eyes.

We get it.

One season of Highway to Heaven and you’re set for life.




Here are the rules guiding The Murky Fringe:

1. One post a day (not including contributors).

2. Contributed posts in red.

3. Tone and content are subject to change according to whim.


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