The Muse From “Lay, Lady, Lay” Responds

May 3, 2012

I guess when you first asked me to come over to your place and lay across your big brass bed, I thought you were interested in me. As in, you wanted to lay me across your bed and then-I don’t know, was it wrongheaded of me to think that you personally would be the one involved with me on said brass bed? That this was a conventional invitation, if a bit forward?

So when I’d laid across the bed and you began introducing me to the guy with the dirty clothes (but the clean hands, as you noted), and kept referring to him as “my man,” I felt pretty uncomfortable.

Also, next time? (not with me, of course, ever, but whomever else you con into this little weirdness you’ve got going) Get some sheets. And some Febreze.

And let her know, whatever sad soul she is, that you’re going to try to film the whole thing.

Especially tell her the part about how you’ll be filming wearing only a pair of Spanish boots of Spanish leather.

That part really needs to be mentioned beforehand.


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