The Duggars Discuss Their Favorite Recipes for Placenta

April 12, 2012

Yes, Jim Bob does have rather delicate hands. And his wedding ring is a tad effiminate. But he's got nineteen kids and nothing to prove.

Jim Bob Duggar: It wasn’t until, what? The third?

Michelle Duggar: John-David, yes.

JBD: We… I don’t know what we did with the placentas from our first two kids. Whatever they do with them.

MD: Medical waste disposal, or whatever.

JBD: But Jesus doesn’t make junk.

MD: The body is a sacrament.

JBD: If a mother wolf does it, it’s good enough for me.

MD: We weren’t very creative at first. I think we weren’t quite sure.

JBD: I don’t think we knew we could enjoy it. Like maybe it would be wrong.

MD: But just as there is joy in the creation of children, who are born in sin anyway, no matter if you enjoy it or just shut your eyes tight and grit your teeth, and even if you are married and don’t use contraception or even the rhythm method… the knowledge that your body will soon be swelling with life… again… and again…

JBD: I think that first time we maybe just microwaved the placenta? Does this sound right, Michelle? Microwaved and slathered it with ketchup?

MD: I think that’s right. (laughs) We just didn’t know.

JBD: When our fourth child was born, we’d been reading up some.

MD: We made goulash, right? Was it Hungarian goulash, but with okra?

JBD: That was goulash? I thought it was supposed to be very mild gumbo.

MD: (laughs) No, gumbo was… gumbo was James Andrew.

JBD: I’d have to say, my all-time favorite was the chicken fried placenta. That was so good I think we got pregnant again within a month. Not just for the opportunity to have more chicken fried placenta, but. That was dang good. Dang good.

MD: Jim Bob! Language.

JBD: Sorry.

MD: I think my favorite was the smoked placenta. Smoked and refrigerated and sliced up for cold cuts.

JBD: Of course, some of the kids finished it off after school (laughs). They didn’t know what it was.

MD: Nothing stays in those refrigerators very long!

JBD: But the look on their faces when we told them.

MD: You were so bad! He was. He told them, serious as he could be, “You are now cannibals. I hope you’re proud of yourselves.”

JBD: I couldn’t help it. It was so dang funny!

MD: Jim Bob.

JBD: Sorry.

MD: It wasn’t all great though. We went through an ethnic phase, placenta pad thai…

JBD: Meh.

MD: Hawaiian pineapple glazed…

JBD: Didn’t have enough bottom end. All mid and upper range of the palate.

MD: I think knowing then what we know now, the tandoori placenta could’ve been out of the park.

JBD: The Jamaican fusion, the jerked kebabs? Those were great.

MD: I know a lot of people puree the placenta, hide it under fruit frappe and chocolate milkshake, mix it in with beef and pork and grind it for link sausage…

JBD: But us? We think of the placenta like the light of God.

MD: Hide it under a bushel?

JBD: No!

MD: I’m gonna let it shine!

JBD: Let it shine, let it shine, let it…

MD: Wait. Fajitas. That’s my favorite. Fajitas.


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