Rejected Names For Your Craigslist ‘Men Seeking Women’ Post

April 30, 2012

The panel has reviewed your submissions in search of romance. The following post titles have been rejected:

- A Roaster of Beets, A Gardener of Tomatoes, A Planter of Asparagus: I Seek Decent Landscaper to Water My Heart and Occasionally My Backyard

- I Don’t Need A Companion As Much As I Did Last Winter (And I Have the Scars To Prove It)

- If You Like Outies, I Have Two of Them

- I Just Miss Her So Much

- Call of Duty Platinum Member Seeks Same, Or At Least Gold

- I Have A Private Jet and A Huge Dick, But I Hate My Father

- Baseball Bat Looking for My Perfect Pitch (And My Perfect Pitch Will Have No Boundaries)

- It’s Just Baby Fat

- I Bet I’m Lonelier Than You

The following title has been accepted and will be posted on Craigslist Men Seeking Women:

If You Call This A Cold War Then Girl, Let’s Get Warm

Come water my backyard, won't you


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