Passed Over State Slogans For Texas

April 27, 2012

This ax only to be played by Texas fingers or finger nubs.

Texas: If You’re Not From Here, Get the Hell Out

Texas: Free Beer with Your Patriotism

Texas: We’re Fatter Than You

Texas: Walker, Texas Ranger is Actually About a Real Place Called Texas

Texas: We Don’t Know What Jingoism Is and We Don’t Give a Damn

Texas: Is It a Mall Or a Church? Come Find Out!

Texas: Guns Are Better Than Hands

Texas: No One’s Gay Here

Texas: Where Bandanas Can Be A Shirt

Texas: The Heart and Fist of America

Texas: If You’re Not Baptist, You’re The Devil’s Co-Pilot

Texas: It’s Oklahomo to Us

Texas: Education is For Dummies

Texas: Give Us an Excuse to Secede

Texas: One Step Away From Being a Thunderdome



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