E.E. Cummings At The Customer Service Counter, Home Depot Garden Department

April 16, 2012

every last drop of solace (it is solace, what is   sadness?, you are light) brings forth a gust of snow, or hail, to wet you

Right, thank you sir. So much. You mentioned that earlier. But I just need to know if you want this plant in the ceramic planter box or the plastic planter box.

what is it that calls a sparrow to roost in the   springtime  of a second marriage of season?

Like I said, man. I don’t know.


[Standing, looking.]

love is love

Sir, is it possib—

mine is a flower enveloped by the petals; a whole consumed by parts so that parts are whole (and the whole is the whole my dear, you never leave me) and the stems underground grow as roots overhead

Sir we closed fifteen minutes ago.

are i the place were not where two skies reached an immense overflowing of sunshine inside every body of skin      and flowers

Listen, pal. I have two fucking kids and an impatient wife. I need to get the fuck out of here. I don’t care about your petals of love or whatever else. Pick a goddamned planter box.

whenever you wish to be close to me, be close to me, for i will drive stakes into the ground one by one and build a fence so that no others can enter this love and we may scream to the heavens but only trees swaying soft in the wind will hear our cries

Oh. Well, damn. That was rude of me. I’m really sorry. My kids can wait.

In the end he went with the wooden box. I didn't see that coming.


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