More Shaman Trash Talk

March 22, 2012

What’s that? You don’t think women can be shamans? How about I turn your dick into a mouse turd, and then we’ll talk about whether women can be shamans.

Your medicine is weak sauce. Go sell it to the whites. Those dumb sons of bitches will buy anything.

If my spirit bag was as droopy and empty looking as yours, I wouldn’t leave my single-wide.

You pray to Kokopeli? That figures. Kokopeli was invented by the whites.

If your medicine is so good, how come they had to cut your mom’s foot off from the Beetus?

Go blow your bone flute somewhere else, Brujo. Nobody here’s buying it.

Maybe shamaning isn’t your thing. Maybe you should try selling fake arrowheads and thunder eggs with your cousin down at the highway rest stop.

And bottles of water. The whites are always thirsty.


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