Requiscat in Pace

January 31, 2012

Requiscat in Pace, Clara Peller.

You were more than the “Where’s the beef?” lady, although the world was too ready to discount you as nothing more than that: a pop culture sound-bite, shuffled off to the rummage bin of history.


You were a prophet crying out in the wilderness during the greed-mongering eighties.

You were a voice of conscience asking from whence our sustenance was meant to come in an age of inflation and voodoo economics.

You were Betty White before Betty White.

You were Occupy Wall Street before Occupy Wall Street.

You were an inspiration.

You were my grandmother.

You showed the world how to look good in a wig.

And to an eight-year-old boy with acute alopecia, that last part was more important than ever you’ll know.

Requiscat in Pace.

I am not defined by my disease, although I may be defined by my palliative remedy thereto.


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