A Murky Marketing® Production: Rejected Slogans—Pajama Jeans

December 26, 2011

“Sleep In Them, Party In Them… Then Wake Up And Bask In The Glory Of Them”

“Easy On For The Holidays, Easy Off For The Husband!”

“The Rock N’ Roll Of Cotton”

“Keep Eating That Queso—Your Jeans Will A-A-A-Always Fit!”

“Pajama Jeans: Let’s Not Make This More Awkward Than It Needs To Be”

“Depression—It Just Gets Softer”

“Keeping Texas Clothed!”

“They’re Called Pajama Jeans—What Else Do You Need To Know?”

“Pajama Jeans! Making Front-Seat Cocksucking Easier Since 2009”


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