Two Sides: King Vs. Double

October 27, 2011

I can't help but feel like you're pulling away from me.

You’re always talking about how I’m hogging the bed.

No. We’re not discussing this. Do you know-just sheets alone-what this would cost us? And how, exactly, do you think we’d get it up the stairs? To say nothing of how little room we’d have in our bedroom. No.

And this would be a solution to that. My bed-hogging. Because it would be like we’d both have our own bed, but those beds would be connected.

This happened to my parents. They went from a single to a double to a full to a queen to a king, then to two doubles, then to separate queens in separate rooms, and then my dad died.

You’re not suggesting that your parents slow sleeping estrangement had something to do with his death?

I’m suggesting that if you want anything any larger than a double, you might as well just get a lease and a lawyer. That’s all.


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