Making a Case for the Ambiguity of Salt ‘N’ Peppa’s Smash Hit “Push It”

September 21, 2011

Pa-Pa-Pa-Push It...To Do Your Best!

Sure we’ve always assumed that it referred to the repetitive, in-and-out motion of coitus between a man and a woman, the woman encouraging her man to “push it [his phallus] real good,” which is to say, hard and fast. Some would even say deep.

But we must not overlook the possibility that Salt ‘N’ Peppa (‘N’ Spinderella, for that matter) could be encouraging people to go beyond their limits, to “push it”  farther than they have ever “pushed it” before. It’s a mantra for athletes and scholars. For anyone hoping to surpass and exceed the confines of their abilities.

Thanks ladies.


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