The MF Interviews Vincent VanGogh Ear Jokes

March 25, 2011

The Murky Fringe: Do you ever get tired of it all?

Vincent Van Gogh Ear Jokes: Honestly, yes. Sometimes it’s just exhausting.

TMF: How would your life be different if he, how can I put this, cut off something else?

VVGEJ: We think about that all the time. Obviously, the nose would have been too grotesque, and the penis too comic.

TMF: Too comic, sure, but you’d have a better chance at immortality.

VVGEF: Who wants to live forever?

TMF: What’s that?

VVGEF: We said … Oh, ha ha. Like you can’t hear us. Haven’t heard that one since breakfast.

TMF: Huh?

VVGEF: Seriously, dude. You’re the guy who says “Here’s Johnny” to Jack Nicholson at a Lakers’ game.

TMF: And you’re a tired, elitist joke who will never be half as funny as Chris Rock’s Toss Your Salad Guy.

VVGEF: And you’re-

TMF: We’re done here.


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1 j grif March 29, 2011 at 8:11 am

an intentional misspelling of “hear” in the last line would have been appreciated


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