Five-Word Pirate Memoirs

February 12, 2011

Me timbers is shivered, right enough.

Pirate’s Life Not For Me

Raped With Me Own Peg-leg

Mis-gendered: The Cabin Boy Speaks

Keelhauled: Getting Sober, Staying Sober

Polly, The First Mate’s Lover

Blackbeard: Curtains Don’t Match Drapes

How I Cured My Scurvy!

The Barbados Diaries: Rum, Sodomy, Lash

Mom Said Stay In School. Whoops.

Turtle For Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

My Turn In The Barrel

Deceased Lovers: Dead Man’s Chest

Pleading Me Belly: Gender Dysmorphia

Cannon Curious: My Sexual Awakening

Open Seas Sex Work: Yo-ho-ho

Salt Allergy: The Reluctant Pirate

Davy Jones’s Locker: My Secret


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