Sincere Questions for a Vampire Regarding Natural Born Vampires

January 12, 2011

1. Can you have children?

2. Are natural born vampires weened on blood or milk or a mixture of both like in some African bush cultures? I’m not making this up. They mix blood from a goat with the goat’s milk. I promise this is real.

3. If you have a vampire baby, how does it age physically past its first day? In other words, how would a natural born vampire get to be, say, an adolescent vampire? How would it develop?

4. How can a natural born vampire be damned for eternity when it did not have anything to do to deserve it? I guess this is more of a theological question not unrelated to the question of Adam and Eve’s offspring, which begs the question: are natural born humans different from natural born vampires aside from the blood thirst?

5. Can a natural born vampire fly or turn into a bat? I find this unlikely since a newborn can’t walk or achieve any sort of locomotion whatsoever on its own.

6. Is a natural born vampire created by two vampires? Two natural born vampires? One natural born vampire and one “turned” vampire? Or a combination of any of those?

7. So baby vampires, like no sun at all or just no direct sun light? What about overcast days?


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