Be Not Proud: Excerpt From An Awkward Eulogy In Utah

January 10, 2011

Ted Rickards—this is the name we’re using? I saw it on the program; I still can’t believe that’s the name—

Ted Rickards… I don’t know how to say this. Okay, whew, deep breath—I’ll just say it: Ted Rickards was the mother of my child. My beautiful daughter, Alice—she’s back there on the right—was born to a gorgeous woman named Nadine Jennings of Sandy, Utah. And to think that Nadine, by all accounts a physical specimen of beauty even into her thirties, I mean really just so beautiful, and seductive, could somehow become Ted Rickards? We had lost track of each other after she remarried, and she shut Alice and me out of her and her new husband’s life, but I still never expected this.


What do you mean? Wrong room for what?

Alice, honey, what room is this?

Chapel Room B? What room was your mom’s service supposed to be in?

Chapel Room A?

Oh my. I’m so sorry. Ted sounds like a wonderful man.


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