Tips for Reading Angela’s Ashes to Your Gorilla

December 22, 2010

  • No accents. With the history between the Irish and the gorillas, an accent is just a slap in the face.
  • Skip the sex scenes. This is just going to rile up the gorilla and settling him down is another matter. Not to mention the questions that will follow.
  • Try to read the father as a sympathetic character-even more than Frank McCourt intends. Gorillas have a naturally strong bond to their mothers, but the father is largely absent from early development. Only when the gorilla is ready to mate and fight, does the father return to teach his children in the ways of courtship and war.
  • Read with the lights on. This should be obvious. Not just for the subject matter, but for the gorillas innate (albeit ironic) fear of the dark.
  • Don’t mention that it won the Pulitzer Prize until after you’ve finished. Knowing this may skew the gorilla’s original judgments, which are as valid as the next reader.
  • Take it a chapter at a time. This is just good pacing. Not to mention it will extend the narrative much longer than a single sitting.
  • No accents. This can’t be repeated enough.

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