Inside The Proactiv® Branding Strategy Meeting

December 11, 2010

I had pimples and shit/ They was fucking with my shit/ But Proactiv cleared that shit up

We need something new. Something different. Something edgier. Diddy, Daddy, whatever it is he’s calling himself now-he’s a shill. Whatever youth currency he had is spent.

Well, we’ve got…

If you say Katy Perry, I’m going to knock the porcelain caps off your teeth.

I was going to say Justin Beiber.

Little Wayne. I want him. What would that take?

I think he goes by Lil. Lil Wayne.

That’s what I said. Little Wayne.

I don’t know what it would take to get Little Wayne. I can make some calls. You should know, though, he just got out of prison. Is that the image we want to associate ourselves with?

How long was he in?

Nine, ten months I think.

Well, that’s how we sell it. “I was in prison for ten months,” he says. Maybe he expresses disgust with the conditions, with the lack of access to proper pore cleansing supplies. He got pimples. Prison gave him pimples. “Those screws, man, they wouldn’t let me clean my face. They had that fucked-up jail soap. My face was all pimply and shit.”

You want him to say fucked up?

Look, all I’m saying is that we have the white teen girls and the desperate secretaries. They’ll never go back to Oxyclean. We’ve saturated those markets. Now we expand. And if we do a commercial on BET, on MTV, and it’s Lil Wayne, and we’re bleeping him out, or if we do a commercial on Spike TV, and it’s Forrest Griffin-

The MMA fighter?

You know of another Forrest Griffin? Forrest Griffin the San Francisco-based performance artist, maybe? But so anyway, Forrest Griffin is talking about how he gets-it’s an open secret that all those guys do ‘roids, right?

I would hope so, yes.

So, we wouldn’t have him say “I do ‘roids,” but we imply. He looks knowingly at the camera, he talks about getting backne. He talks about getting sackne. And he talks about how Proactiv helped with that.

I don’t know if we can legally say… That is, I don’t know if our product would successfully treat… or just, wow.

Have you forgotten the most important thing about our business?

Which is?

If your statements aren’t evaluated by the FDA, it’s pretty much anything goes.


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