Explaining the Paradox In Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love a Bad Name” to Your Son

December 17, 2010

Dad, I don’t understand what he means when he says, “Your very first kiss was your first kiss goodbye.”

Come here, Donny. Bring your glass of milk. It’s time we talked about Bon Jovi, man-to-man. You see, son, sometimes in rock lyrics, the meaning is not immediately apparent. What do you think it means? Now take your time. “Your very first kiss…was your first kiss goodbye.

Is he trying to be confusing on purpose?

I don’t think that’s his intent. Try this: what’s the first thing that comes to you when you hear that lyric?


Don’t ask me. Tell me.


I think you’re getting further away from the meaning.

Just tell me what he’s saying!!

Settle down, Donny. You’re going to get there. But I’m not going to hand this to you. You’ve got to work for it.


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