Four More Reasons Your Sister Gets To Take Fencing Classes And You Don’t, Anymore

November 4, 2010

Parry, thrust, riposte.

4. Your sister doesn’t insist on speaking in a pirate voice and saying “yee-ar, have at ye,” the whole time she’s in class.

3. Your sister doesn’t ask the fencing instructor if her fencing mask could be used-just in a pinch-as a deep-fry basket for tater-tots.

2. Your sister doesn’t spend a good amount of practices scratching her ass with the tip of her foil.

1. There really was only enough money to keep one of you in classes, and Grandpa Pete always liked your sister best. Probably mostly because she doesn’t make fun of his geriatric fencing club.

Parry, thrust, riposte, shart.


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