A Day in the Life: Sports Bar Know-It-All

November 16, 2010

I usually get up around seven or seven thirty-since my company downsized, I’m only on three-quarter time, but they’re still giving me health benefits, which in these uncertain times are very much appreciated, believe me. I usually have half a grapefruit and some oatmeal-keeping an eye on the calories these days-while watching SportsCenter, seeing how my various fantasy teams are doing.My WNBA team has been getting PWND of late, I can tell you.

I usually roll into work around ten or eleven-so long as I put in thirty hours a week, they don’t really care when I’m there or not. There was some talk of my working from home, but I think I’d just watch the ESPN Classics channels-old curling matches, olympic fencing and lacrosse, maybe women’s golf-if I was at home all day. It’s better to have somewhere to go, I think.

After six hours of typing reports and trolling a few sports fansites-ultramarathon, duckpin bowling, that kind of thing-I usually head over to Louie’s, the sports bar where me and my friends hang out. Once there, I grab a beer and watch whatever’s on-sepak takraw, caber tossing, what have you-and argue the relative merits of the players.

My friend Jake, he’s a huge fan of cricket. We give him shit for that.


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