My Cairn Terrier Has PTSD Support Group Minutes

October 16, 2010

All they need is understanding. And maybe a better group name.

After refreshments, the meeting came to order, and the chair recognized Cheryl, who moved to change the name of the group to Living With Cairn Terriers With PTSD.

The chair then pointed out to Cheryl that her suggested name had the word with in it twice.

Cheryl then pointed out to the chair that the motion was still on the table, and according to Roger’s Rules of Order, the motion had to be opened for discussion before any pointing out could be done.

The chair then reminded Cheryl that their goddamned Cairn Terriers probably wouldn’t have PTSD if she, Cheryl, hadn’t left them chained up in the front yard to get attacked by hornets, and no amount of renaming of the goddamned group was going to take that away, seeing as how doggie Prozac wasn’t able to touch it.

Cheryl then withdrew her motion, and moved instead to adjourn the meeting.

The motion carried unanimously, 2-0.


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1 Rachel Wamhoff July 25, 2011 at 1:20 pm

i thing puppies are SUPERSONICLY cute


2 The Murky Fringe July 26, 2011 at 3:40 am

We agree. Wholeheartedly. And that supersonic cuteness is what keeps the puppy mills in business. Please get your next dog at the pound.


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