September 17, 2010

When it was announced on Wednesday that Thursday would be the last day, that sometime Thursday evening it would all end, that everything and everyone would suddenly cease to be, Jameer kissed his mother and lifted the car keys from her pocket. He drove forty miles west of Houston before the car ran out of gas. Others were heading west, so he was not alone when he stripped out of his clothes, but he was the only one to start running.

Yvonne made tea as she always did, then, when she had finished, threw the teapot out her window, aiming for the cat several stories below.

Leon fed the ducks with the last of his Ritz crackers, putting hot sauce on some for those he thought were selfish.

Abigail did nothing but remember all the men she’d fondled.

Afandee took his young daughters to the swing by the fig tree and he pushed them, even the youngest, much higher than he used to allow. He taught them to leap from the swing and land on their feet, but one of them skinned her knee when she slipped on a mess of figs.

Dr. Silva worked quickly to treat a room full of patients, misdiagnosing several conditions as gas in the upper intestine.

Jacob had no regrets and, therefore, got drunk in his hot tub.

Alice gathered all her hamsters around her and held them to0 tightly. Some of them could not breathe.

Pierre and Mindy chose not to believe it, so right before everything ended, they still felt that they had been right.


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