The Class of 2011

August 12, 2010

Okay, so everybody’s here? Good. We want to get off to a strong start this year, so in my role as senior class president, I’m going to just ask that we, like, throw out some suggestions for our class motto.

And no, nothing that involves seven.

Or heaven.

Sorry, Kevin. I don’t think using your name and the phrase the coolest guy in the same sentence is going to work either. It doesn’t do much to further our image as a class-the sense we want to impart is that we party, but we’re also smart and world-savvy. And Kevin, at least around here, connotes someone who shit their pants in third grade.

Not to, you know, bring up old stuff. But.


Leaven? That’s really just rhyming eleven with itself. And that’s what’s ruining hip-hop right now, the rhyming-with-itself stuff.

Bite me, Jeremy. Nobody asked you to be in our class. What was your like personal motto last year? I’m in the class of twenty-ten, I like being a senior so much I’m gonna do it again?

I’m aware that the meter on the second line was horribly enjambed, Jeremy. I know what enjambed means. And I didn’t have to go to Sylvan Learning Center all summer to learn it.

What, nothing?

Anybody? No?



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