Amazon Review of Infinite Jest, by David Foster Wallace (One Star)

August 7, 2010

And it's heavy. Way, way too heavy.

Okay, so the reason I’m giving one star is because they don’t let you give a half star.

First off, I paid the extra three dollars for shipping, and it still showed up like a week and a half after I ordered it.

And the stupid guy from UPS left the package on the front porch and it got rained on and one corner of the book got kinda wet.

And some douche-bag had like gone through and highlighted parts of the pages. WTF?

Also, I found the tone at times overly (you could say sophomorically-I mean, we get it, you love Barth. We all love Barth.) wordy, the pacing schizophrenic, and the over-reliance on formalistic devices (worker’s comp claim, filmography, too many disembodied voices to count) ultimately tiresome.

Plus, you can kinda tell he’s relying on second-hand research for his drug stuff.


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