My Sister, My Brother

July 27, 2010

More KD than KD

So, okay, you want to run this by me again?

Not particularly, Jake, no. But.

I knew it. I knew it when we were kids. You used to steal my tighty-whites and wear them yourself, right?

I found panties repulsive. And so yeah. Sometimes I did.

And now, what? What am I supposed to call you? Is it Brad, or Brian, or what?

Well, if you want to be cool, you could call me BT.

What’s that stand for?

Me, asshole. It stands for me.

So you’re a trans-man now. Is it cool if I call you Trans Am?

I’d prefer you didn’t.

It also sounds kinda Vietnamese. You and your friends all together. Trans Minh. You know-men, minh.

That’s terribly clever, Jake. So, are you going to be cool with this?

Me? Yeah. But dad. I don’t know about dad.

Dad’s blind, Jake. I don’t think he’s going to notice.

I thought, I don’t know, you’d sound different to him or something.

I’ll try to sound like myself.

Also, you might try going lighter on the Drakkar when you go see him.

I’ll keep that in mind.

And maybe gender neutral clothing, like jeans and a t-shirt.

I’ll leave the three-piece suit at home, then.

What are you going to tell mom?

I’m not. Not just yet. And you’d better not either. Unless you want me to kick your ass.

Man, aggro much? I guess those testosterone shots do their job, huh?

I don’t need testosterone to kick your ass, Jake. I never did.


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