Opening Up My New Edition Of Dillon’s “Karate Breaking Techniques”

June 4, 2010

I’ll say this: everything about Dillon’s, historically, has been accurate beyond expected measure. It’s the kind of karate breaking techniques book that you can rely upon for not only correct information, but a creative flair that you don’t find in, let’s say, Ralph Tarkington’s Board Bustin’, which is actually better than it sounds.

But right there in the new Dillon’s, page 73, is a prime example of the recklessness (the laziness!) that pervades contemporary karate breaking techniques books. Look:

"Is this good? Right here?"

Case in point: do you simply overlook the hip hand placement by the guy in the back? How do I believe whatever’s on the next page when Dillon’s is showing me bullshit holds like this?

And he totally looks Korean.


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