Parent-Teacher Conference

May 13, 2010

We don’t know where he might have gotten that. We don’t…

This isn’t in keeping, is what my wife is trying to say. This isn’t how we raised him.

We try very hard at home to make him aware of… difference? Is that the…

We tell him all the time that everyone has, you know, unique challenges to face and contributions to make. That’s what we tell him.

We’re just so very…

We’re appalled.

We’re aware, of course, that they’re called little people. I don’t even know…

We don’t use language like that at our house, we can assure you.

Maybe it was… I don’t know… Saint Patrick’s Day wasn’t that long ago.

Yes, I’m sure Timothy Sloane’s father was upset. I would be upset. I am upset. But still, he was here why?

Career day? We weren’t aware…

I thought it might have been show and tell.

What? What did I say?


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