Art School Hazing

April 28, 2010

Nice brushes. I used to use those. In fifth grade.

Oh, you want your palette back? Are you gonna cry?

Right, yeah. Still lifes are the best.

If that sculpture is supposed to be roadkill that somebody took a dump on, I’d say you nailed it.

If you keep working hard, maybe you can be the next Norman Rockwell.

What is that, representational art? Are you expressing a political viewpoint? No, no. It looks really… well… it’s ironic, yet not overly so. Which I appreciate. No, seriously.

Nobody gives a shit, by the way, if your dead grandpa was a painter and you’re here to follow in his footsteps. Just so you know.

Fuck your watercolors. Go paint some lilies, why don’t you?

Your performance piece of being a dipshit is really outstanding. Yes, I know you’re not doing a performance piece. I’m not either. I’m just a dick.


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