December 29, 2009

My mom calls her vagina Georgia after Georgia O’Keeffe.

This made me laugh when I was seven, old enough to name dolls and blankets, but nothing that was of something else.  None of my friends’ mothers named theirs to my knowledge. If they did, they never mentioned it.

As I grew older I became more annoyed with her, not only for personifying it, but for talking about it with my friends when it was just us girls.

Years later I realized that there was nothing clever about associating Georgia O’Keeffe with vaginas. They were, by all accounts, synonymous, and my mom never distanced herself from the cliche.

To this day I’m bothered by this oversight, but I’m not sure what’s worse: the mother who calls her vagina something obvious or the daughter who’s ashamed of her for it.


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