Tad Lincoln’s Flashcards for His Father’s Generals

November 11, 2009

GEN. WINFIELD SCOTT Smells like sausage and ladies.

GEN. IRVIN MCDOWELL Neck fat jiggles like a cow's milk sack.

GEN. JOHN MCCLELLAN Calls me "Taddy." I hate him.

GEN. AMBROSE BURNSIDE Always gets biscuit crumbs in his beard

GEN. JOSEPH HOOKER Talks funny, like he never learned to say his Rs right

GEN. GEORGE MEADE Saddest man alive and has little girl fingers

GEN. WILLIAM SHERMAN Smells like manure and whiskey

GEN. ULYSSES S. GRANT Burps into his hand, then wipes it on his boot.


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